Serving The Needs Of Our Community

Leslie Block & Associates is committed to serving the psychological health needs of our citizens and our first responders. When disaster or crisis strikes, call us for help. We are trained in these areas and can assist in the detraumatization work following disasters and calamities. This ranges from critical incident stress management to individual intervention.  Leslie Block and Associates is here to help. You are not alone!

First Responder Support

First responders are the first ones to arrive and interact with very serious traumatic events. From an outside perspective, many believe it is just something one gets used to. To make matters worse, the industries of ambulance, firefighters, and police are built up on a culture of toughness. You are expected to be as mentally tough as you are physical. Unfortunately, this leads to many untreated first responder staff and mental illness grows into serious proportions over time.

Debriefing Support

Debriefing is professional education and advice about the effects of trauma after an event. It is an intervention which aims to normalize reactions and help you understand what coping mechanisms may occur and how to recognize them. Trauma is a serious mental event and it is important to understand how you will process it. People typically follow the same reaction processes to stressful and traumatic events but just exhibit them differently. It is very helpful to identify any potential warning signs of ways you are recovering from the event. It could develop into significant mental illness.

Caregiver Assistance

Being a caregiver can be a rewarding personal and spiritual experience. Care giving can be in the form of children, elderly, or even relatives with physical or mental disabilities. As many will attest, it can take its toll on your own mental and emotional health. In addition to the regular stresses you deal with personally and in your daily life, you are absorbing many of the stresses of others. It can leave you feeling very overwhelmed, tired, and emotionally unstable. You may even experience isolation and negative thoughts about the people you are caring for. There are effective strategies to cope with care giving and it is important to also help yourself.

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict needs to be managed effectively or it can lead to an organization's loss of talented employees. In an already stressful environment, conflict can lead to overreaction and unwanted consequences for the employee. Professional workplace mediation and employee counselling can help fix the problems in a fair and efficient manner. It is important to provide a safe and harm free working environment. By teaching employees how to handle conflicts in a productive manner, everyone benefits.

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