Psychological Assessment For Many Circumstances

We conduct psychological assessments applicable to various contexts: legal, workplace, familial, and personal areas. Deriving this new data will give you improved awareness and self-insight, while establishing baseline measures of where you are at.  We can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses ultimately resulting in relevant recommendations for change. We strive to get you thinking more clearly and realistically, to get you back on the right track, and in keeping with your personal attributes.

Legal Difficulties

Legal difficulties can be extremely stressful situations. As there is much uncertainty in outcomes it can lead to overwhelming feelings. It is important to have proper coping strategies and understand what you are going through. In addition we can provide professional psychological assessments which are court ordered and be expert witnesses. Psychological testing provides a required level of objectivity in the legal system which allows it to make unbiased and ethical decisions.

Mental Injuries

Mental injury is harm and suffering that in which another person is in whole or part responsible. The injury can be in the form of mental distress or mental illness. It often results from negligent or reckless behavior or other times by intentional omission of behavior. The level of harm can be very significant and have complex cause and effect relationships between yourself and others. Others may be a person or an organization and needs to be dealt with accordingly.


Just because something is an accident doesn't mean it is not sometimes a drastic life changing event. Major life changes are incredibly stressful and can induce a lot of negative emotions. It is important to understand the mental processes you will go through during these times and identify any warning signs that show you are not coping in a healthy way. We provide psychological assessment and treatment service for all ages for accidents related to motor vehicle, work, and others. Let us help you achieve positive coping mechanisms for a brighter future.


Victimization, bullying, and racism can lead to many negative emotions with sometimes long lasting effects. Rejection is a powerful event which can result in deep rooted changes in your personality. These changes can develop into incorrect personal beliefs about yourself that lead to anxiety and depression. If you have been victimized it is very helpful to get an objective assessment done to put you on the right track and back to feeling the way you should.

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We are here to help. Mental health issues and problems can be daunting, leaving you feeling lost or empty.  Often people start feeling better simply by reaching out; this road to wellness and health is compromised of many small steps eventually leading to breakthroughs. We work collaboratively with you, to clarify the nature of the problem and undertake the process of getting in touch with your true self and the feelings you may have tried side-stepping. Together we can make sense out of these daunting issues and find the freedom you are seeking.

Let us help you in this important transition and juncture of your life.

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